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winter 겨울

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  • Dimension: cm 21.0x21.0
  • Pages: 28
  • Illustration: 28
  • Binding: Paperboards and thread
  • Edition: 1st reprint, October 2009 

    A work with no place for the superfluous : the fast, essential pencil stroke and concise, bare text throw us into what seems above all to be a sensory experience. It is winter in person that opens the doors and page after page envelops us in the vast and silent whiteness of the cloud-filled sky, and then in a blinding expanse of freezing snow.
    Aoi Huber Kono plunges us into an atmosphere that seems paralysed in the poetry of the cold to then allow us to discover with equal surprise that underneath is a world throbbing with life. Who is hiding among the snow-covered trees? To find out we have to follow the footsteps in the snow. 
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